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Dead Zone

Glacier Ridge Dead Zone is excited to announce the online reservations system through Fareharbor.  Just click the link above and book your reservation completely online.  Show up 30 minutes prior to your booking for GRDZ safety training and help us save the world.

If you are not here 5 minutes prior to your booking you will have to re-book/re-schedule your excursion as we will be giving your seat to customers waiting online.



The WNY Skydiving 2016 has been incredible! We have had the pleasure of holding a Pro Camp for our experienced jumpers learning the fundamentals of performing exciting demonstration jumps for audiences of all sizes.  We will be putting those skills to good use on Friday October 7th when we skydive into Rochester's ONLY HAUNTED ZOMBIE PAINTBALL EXCURSION to help fight the zombie hordes! Don't miss out on your chance to see Rochester's ONLY skydiving zombie hunters in actions on their FIRST MISSION!

Dead Zone Safety Message

Sponsored by Valken


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VALKEN Proud Sponsor of Glacier Ridge Dead Zone

Glacier Ridge Dead Zone is proud to announce our first presenting sponsor, Valken Sports. Valken is one of the largest paintball, airsoft and outdoor sports companies in the United States providing thousands of brands to fields and stores all over the globe. Valken Sports....whatever it takes!